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He Still Speaks Now Listen


If you want a Free PDF copy email me from the contact tab


Give rid of your reactionary disguise way of thinking and look at the true statement that all life matters. Some Black individuals and other races like to hide behind their self-impose Black-and-White Masks of seduction, lies, discrimination, deception, anger, hate, and prejudices. They need to consider removing their masks and agree to listen to the truth that all lives matter. You must decide to accept the White Pill of righteousness or accept the Black Pill of unrighteousness. You and only you would be responsible for what you receive from your decision. We as a Black race, or any other race should not be using race as a means to obtain whatever we think, or believe we should have because of our skin color. From the Eyes of a Cop, Black Lives Matter is about getting rid of the mask that is enslaving you and guiding you towards destruction. Unmask and learn the truth.